1) Where are your products made?

Dad Jokes Club products are designed in San Luis Obispo, CA and shipped from the USA!

2) How long does it take to receive orders?

5-7 business days depending on each order. 

3) What is your return policy?

If you’re looking to return or exchange your order for whatever reason, we’re here to help! We offer returns within 30 days of purchase. You can return your product for store credit, a different product, or a refund to the original payment method.

4) Do you do custom orders or pieces?

Yes! Please email thedadjokesclub@gmail.com for more information!

5) I would like to carry your products at wholesale. How can we work together?

We're flattered! Please email thedadjokesclub@gmail.com for pricing & other information.

6) Other questions?

Contact via the online form, here.

At the Dad Jokes Club, we embrace the timeless tradition of dad jokes – those pun-tastic, eye-rolling quips that make you simultaneously cringe and smile. Our mission is simple: to spread joy and happiness through the power of laughter. We firmly believe that a well-timed dad joke has the ability to brighten even the gloomiest of days and create connections between people through shared laughter.

Crafted with care, our t-shirts feature playful designs that incorporate some of the most iconic dad joke elements, making them an instant conversation starter. Wear our Dad Jokes Club t-shirt and watch as heads turn and smiles spread wherever you go. It's the perfect attire for club meetups, casual outings with friends, or even just lounging around the house while cracking jokes with the family.

Welcome to the Dad Jokes Club. We're glad you're here.